airdroid business android geofencing guide

A Complete Guide to Geofencing & Tracking

Learn everything about mobile geofencing and how AirDroid Business can help you track and manage devices more efficiently.

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Track & secure your devices at all times

Stay connected to your devices 24/7 allows businesses to locate any vehicle or device instantly via the online portal. You can also set alerts when a device enters or exit the pre-defined zone. 

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Review & improve route efficiency

Path tracking gives you valuable information on device status and route history. These data can be further analyzed for route optimization, time management, or even for tracking down a lost or stolen device. 

geofencing logs and reports with airdroid business

Logs & Reports

Get insights from device/vehicle route activities, geofence real-time alerts, and time spent at different locations to optimize efficiency.

get real-time alerts from airdroid business mobile geofencing solution

Real-time Alerts

When a device deviates from the designated geofence, a predefined action will be triggered, along with an email alert sent to admins.

device reset and data wipe with aridroid business

Remote Data Wipe

When noticing abnormal activities on a device, you can choose to lock device, wipe out sensitive data, or uninstall apps remotely for security.

healthcare and non-profit using mobile devc


Many healthcare organizations are using mobile devices to engage with patients and track their status. Any abnormal movement like leaving a quarantined zone can be notified so actions can be taken to avoid further complications.

transportation services with airdroid business geofencing


With mobile geofence, it allows trucking and logistics companies to stay updated with the location and route activities of their drivers. Idle time, better routes and overall productivity can be improved by analyzing the data.

business implementing mobile devices


Companies nowadays are equipping employees with mobile devices for work purposes. With geofencing, devices with sensitive data can be closely monitored and protective actions can be taken to prevent data from leaking.