The Ultimate Guide to application management services

The Ultimate Guide to Application Management Services (AMS)

This ultimate guide includes everything you need to know about AMS:

  • What is AMS?
  • How to auto update apps on Android?
  • How to schedule app update for managed devices?
  • How does AMS help my business?

Download and simplify your Android app management today! 

Manage apps & run tests all in one

AMS allows users to create, schedule updates, and run tests on your apps before releasing them to your end users or remote devices.

airdroid business admin console screen capture
Airdroid business customized branding feature in kiosk mode

Customized Branding

Customize applications for brand cohesiveness. Admins are able to use AMS to customize the name, icon, launching page, and the images on the user interface.

airdroid business staged rollouts feature

Staged Rollouts

Application releases or updates can be defined by percentage, countries, or device groups to minimize impact on business and IT workload. 

force install applications with airdroid business

Forced Installation

Remotely force install or update apps immediately on unattended devices to minimize device downtime and reduce labor costs. 

app customization with in-house app library

In-house App Library

Businesses can also have their company-owned app library and make app management more personalized and efficient.

mobile device management used in healthcare


AMS allows IT admins to push new feature or security updates to devices remotely. This gives healthcare organizations greater flexibility to allocate their medical resources while lowering operational costs.

mdm with digital signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage has now become the trend and essential in digital marketing. AMS is able to greatly reduce device downtime and improve customer experience by remotely troubleshooting devices and managing content display. 

IT services using remote access & support

IT Services

With the help of AMS,  IT managers can not only install/update apps in bulk, but also able to provide immediate app troubleshooting to end users and for all kinds of remote collaboration without spending budget for on-site traveling.